Zines Available

Just so folks know, I've still got some copies of the "Erotic Harry Potter" zine left to sell. It features the readers from the Quimby's Erotic Harry Potter night, plus a little art by Venturous and oldenuf2b. So that's Alchemia Dent and Bugland, Gateway Girl, Kabal, Mijan, Bronze Ribbons/Mechaieh, and myself! Slashy, smutty goodness, with some H/D, some Snarry, some H/D/S, a Snape/Lupin, and a Hermione/Everyone. :-)

It's $7.

I'll be carrying some copies in my bag except maybe at the Ball, where my schoolbag really doesn't match my dress...

I'm also selling "Five Zines for Five Bucks," a collection of five minibooks I made from my own fics and drabbles, two H/D, two Snarry, and one Snaco. The Snaco is never-before-published!
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Contributing to goody bags or raffle?

Hi guys!

kriken, scarlet_malfoy and I are here at Terminus, getting ready to stuff some goody bags. There were a few people who had things to contribute to them and/or the raffle, and while we don't want to post our room number or cell numbers publicly, we want to reach out to those who need to find us!

If you promised us something, comment here and we'll tell you where to find us! Comments are screened.

Everyone else, we'll see you tomorrow!!! SQUEE!!!
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Shuttle, anyone?

I'm arriving at O'Hare at 1:29 PM on Wednesday, August anyone arriving around the same time who would like to share a shuttle to the Hilton?  It's $19.00 for 2 people and $14.00 for 3 or more.  Also, I'll be leaving around 5:00/30ish AM on Tuesday, August 12th, and would be more than happy to share a shuttle with someone then, too!  Let me know!

My Terminus countdown clock says...1 day, 19 hours, 7 minutes, & 57 seconds until my plane leaves!  YIPPEE! 

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anyone need a room?

hey guys! I am in need of some help. one of our roommates had to drop out yesterday due to a family emergency going on so I'm now looking for anyone that would be interesting in joining our room. it would be with myself, ficlette and our good friend enchanted_light (all passionate h/d slashers as well!) and the room is booked from the 6th to the 12th at Terminus rate.

please, if you know anyone at all that is looking for a room we would be more than willing to let them join. if you need any more information send me an email at

thank you!
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Shuttle from O'Hare to the Hilton

Hello fellow H/D-ers!

A group of us are looking to book our own shuttle from O'Hare to the Hilton Wednesday, August 6 at around 11 a.m. (could be pushed to 11:30 if needed). If we get 6 more people we can book our own van... so if anyone is landing between 10 and 11 (or, heck, earlier -- gossymer will be hanging around for three + hours, if you want a buddy!) and wants to travel to the Hilton with us, comment or email! (my username @

Cost would be about $13 a person, and you'd get to make your journey with a bunch of bouncy fellow H/D-ers :) (me, kriken, gossymer and titti)

We're also taking a shuttle BACK, Monday night at 4:30 p.m., if anyone is also leaving the Hilton at that time.
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Terminus Badges & HP Icons

I did some super last minute badges for Terminus. If anyone is interested in them, they can get them off of Zazzle over here

Each badge/button can be as small as 1inch or even 4 inches big - and either square or round :)

I also made most of the them into icons for use on lj too :)


Icons over here

Edit: BTW, 2 H/D badges are not up there 'cause they're going into the goodie bag :) If you have any quotes/ideas for H/D buttons, feel free to share 'cause I can totally make them later today *runs off to bed*
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handy-dandy maps!

This is how to get from the hotel to the H/D meet-up! You will pass by the Art Institute (two stone lions guarding the front... how appropriate!) and then you will see two, tall weird fountains depicting people's faces... children will probably be running around and it's hard to miss. In the distance there'll be a big silver bean. You'll be looking for the big grassy area behind the fountains and the bean (it's got on X on it in on the map), which is called the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It's pretty straightforward:

(click to make it bigger)

And this is how to get from Union Station to the hotel (or, if you're arriving at the LaSalle St. Metra Station to the hotel... be careful, because there are a lot of different Metra lines! Some end up at LaSalle St. Station - the station labeled METRA in the picture - and some end up at Union. Here's a link to help you figure it out:

(click to make it bigger)

Or, if you're coming directly from O'Hare Airport or Midway Airport, you will probably want to take the L. (aka 'The Loop'). If you're coming in from Midway, you will want to take the Orange line to the LaSalle/VanBuren Station and then you will walk East on Van Buren towards Michigan Ave, and then you can follow the map above - it's an elevated train, so there'll be stairs. It's basically right on top of the LaSalle St. Station (marked Metra on the map above). If you're coming from O'Hare, you'll want to take the Blue Line to the LaSalle Station (this is a subway, so there'll be stairs), and walk East on Congress til you get to Michigan Ave... then you can follow the directions on the map above. If you get confused as to which way east is, just ask anybody which way the Lake is... that will be your answer. =) mizbean also has some helpful alternative directions in her reply below! (Thanks for catching my mistake! *is fixed*)

And of course, there are taxis if you are unable to walk this distance with your luggage or because of health reasons! A taxi ride from any of these stations wouldn't be more than a few dollars.

Anyone need a roommate?

So I've been going over my finances to see if I can swing last-second travel plans to make it to Terminus, and I can, IF and only IF I can find someone to room with and split hotel costs. I had originally planned on going with my sister, but she had to bail last minute due to job difficulties. So, is there anyone who needs or would like a roommate? Or does anyone have suggestions about where I could look for a roommate? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Roommates found! Thank you, ravenna_c_tan!
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handy-dandy fandomy event calendar for terminus!

I remember referencing one of these during Prophecy about a bazillion times a day, so I figured I would make one for Terminus!

Wednesday, August 6th
11am to 1am - Wrock Chicago! 25 bands from 11 to 5, and 6 headliners starting at 7pm
7pm - Erotic Harry Potter Night at Quimby's Bookstore - 1854 W. North Ave.
After everything - Harry/Draco Goodie Bag Stuffing Party! Meet at the clock near the main entrance off Michigan Avenue, Hilton Chicago Hotel (once we have gathered, we'll continue from there.)

Thursday, August 7th
12pm to 6pm - Terminus Registration
1pm to 3pm - Harry/Draco Meet-Up! At Millenium Park - The Jay Pritzker Pavillion
4pm to 6:30pm - Snape/Sirius Meet-Up! Meet at the clock near the main entrance off Michigan Avenue, Hilton Chicago Hotel (once we have gathered, we'll continue from there.)
7pm to 8pm - Arrival Dinner
After Arrival Dinner - Slasher Goodie Bag Stuffing Party! Location TBA

Friday, August 8th
9am to 5pm - Programming: Morning, Afternoon
10:30 am - Snape/Lupin Meet-Up! Caribou Coffee -41 E. 8th Street. Meet in hotel lobby.
12pm to 2pm - Keynote Lunch
5:30pm - Slasher Meet-Up! Grant Park - meet at the clock near the main entrance off Michigan Avenue at 5:15.
7:30pm - Snape/Harry Meet-Up! Printer's Row - 521 S. Dearborn Street
8:30 pm - Remus/Sirius Meet-Up! We will meet at the clock near the main entrance off Michigan Avenue, Hilton Chicago Hotel, and then adjourn to Eleven City Diner - 1112 S. Wabash Avenue. Email to RSVP!

Saturday, August 9th
9am to 5pm - Programming: Morning, Afternoon
11am to 10pm - Northalsted's Market Days! (Basically a gay pride festival!)
12pm - Harry/Ron Meet-Up! Meet at the clock near the main entrance off Michigan Avenue at 12:15pm and head out to a to-be-determined (based on the amount of attendees) restaurant
12pm - Snape/Draco Meet-Up! Kitty O'Shea's (the Irish pub in the hotel)
8pm to 12am - Artists and Authors Night

Sunday, August 10th
9am to 5pm - Programming: Morning, Afternoon
9am to 11am - Keynote Brunch
11am to 10pm - Northalsted's Market Days! (Basically a gay pride festival!)
8pm to 12am - Bon Voyage Ball

Monday, August 11th
8am to 10am - Departure Breakfast
11am - Slasher's Pool (Again) Party!

Other Links of Interest
Big List of Intersections! There are tons of really interesting meet-ups listed here.
Northalsted's Market Days! Anyone interested in going after Programming either Friday or Saturday?

Please comment and let me know if you have a slashy fandomy event that you would like to be included on this schedule, or if you have any other ideas about how I can better this schedule. Feel free to pimp this like the insane pimpers that you are!

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